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SBIOC – Spanish Biocluster

Spanish BioCluster (hereinafter SBIOC) is a Spanish cluster of bioindustrial partners that have joined their efforts with the main aim of promoting a sustainable society based on bioeconomy.


The cluster is intended to play a relevant role as a Full Member of the Bio-based Industries Consortium – BIC, which represents the private sector in a public-private partnership (PPP) with the EU, represented by the European Commission, known as the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU), established in June 2014 as one of the pillars of the European Commission Bioeconomy Strategy.


Our aim is to promote a resource-efficient and sustainable economy based on the use of biomass in the form of innovative processes for the production of food, materials, platform chemicals, products and energy from renewable resources – such as crops, forests, fish, animals and micro-organisms –.


Under the SBIOC structure, the cluster compiles and offers the experience and knowledge of several entities, related with the application of innovative bioeconomy processes and research to improve the productivity of agriculture and industrial processes, while enhancing environmental sustainability, but also by supporting its implementation offering transversal services guiding to improve competitiveness and solving R&D&I problems.


SBIOC is basically formed by SMEs that represent different sectors related to bioeconomy such as forestry, chemical industry, engineering, marine, energy and recycling industry together with companies providing transversal services of IP and consultancy.

The joint of innovation, science, economy and business is the basis to create a new and sustainable model in which chemicals, materials and energy are based on bio-based renewable resources and bio-wastes are reused as assets.

SBIOC established a regular collaboration with other organizations such as public entities, technology platforms and scientific-technical Parks.


To represent, defend and disseminate the interests and objectives of SBIOC members.

To promote cooperation and engage synergies between bioindustry companies.

To foster the creation of opportunities to share business and professional experiences among SBIOC partners.

To increase the competitiveness of bioindustry companies’ members of SBIOC.

To represent the SBIOC members at BIC, the European Commission and other public entities (national and international) in order to defense of their interests, and particularly to promote the development of bioindustry projects.

To contribute to the protection of the environment by improving and securing access to renewable raw materials for industrial use; making new and higher quality materials, more cost effectively; and more effective manufacturing systems, reducing the use of energy, and thus lowering levels of CO2 emissions.

To ensure a greater involvement of SBIOC members in European projects related to biomass, bioeconomy and bioindustry.

To allow access to renewable feedstock in sufficient quantity of good and guaranteed quality at competitive price, such as the use of biowaste generated by society and industrial processes or via improved land productivity and management.

To strengthen the Spanish and European bioeconomy and achieve and international projection.

To stimulate market demand for bio-based products in Europe and around the world by fostering investments on demonstration initiatives and flagship biorefineries, bridging the gap between research and the market.

To encourage entrepreneurship in biomass, bioindustry and bioeconomy fields.

To accelerate Europe transition to a more sustainable growth model through the development of new technologies, products and proceses to switch to more efficient and sustainable processes based on biomass use.


To keep SBIOC members up-to-date basically with all the information related to BIC and BBI JU.

To participate as a BIC full member and to be actively involved in its tasks, in order to promote the participation of SBIOC companies in the specific H2020 programs convened by the BIC.

To propose new topics in the BIC annual plans and in European funding programs to boost the progress of SBIOC members in the biomass, bioeconomy and bioindustry markets.

To identify national and European public-private funding sources for the development of projects which are of interest to SBIOC members.

To discuss agreements, contracts and financing deals and other documents with the organisms involved in EU funding programs.

To promote synergies between different agents of the biomass, bioindustry and bioeconomy sectors.

To promote events according to the purposes for which SBIOC has been formed. And to participate in biomass, bioeconomy and bioindustry events representing SBIOC members.







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